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What is the size of your series? Small, Medium or Large? Depending on the size of each series, we adapt our different molding means and techniques:

  • Metal mold casting (permanent mold)
  • Sand casting (lost mold)

In the area of sand molding, we also distinguish between.

  • Green sand  casting (semi-automatic)
  • Chemical sand casting (manual )

If you would like to know more about the different molding techniques, look in the box below. In each section we explain in detail the different processes.

Tell us how your project starts, and We’ll tell you how it ends.

After casting and once the casting is solid and extracted from the mold, our finishing workshop takes care of the surface treatment.

In our finishing workshop we work with:

  • 1 deburring robot
  • 5 manual deburring stations
  • 3 shot blasting machines
  • 1 sandblasting machine
  • 1 heat treatment facility

For other surface treatments such as painting, we work with an extensive network of reliable and quality suppliers

Do you need your parts to be casted by injection? If so, or to get more technical information, contact us? We will be happy to help you.


Metal and Sand Molding
Chemical Sand Mold
Metal Mold

Green sand mold