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Technical Office
Technical Office

The ideas of a technical department are the main engine that helps to generate a better creation

It is not necessary to hire an external agency for the design, as our technical department adapts to your plans and needs.

We have an integrated technical office, which is dedicated to the development of molds and tools necessary for the production of casts. We work on the 3D received from our customers, using the SolidWorks program.

With our technical office we can:

  • Speed up the work.
  • Avoid the loss of information, by not having to hire external modelers.
  • Improve communication between you and our company.
  • Make changes faster and easier.

Once the final 3D is approved by the client, the construction of the model or tooling begins. After that, a casting and solidification simulation is performed with the QuikCast software.

The program allows us to detect possible casting defects, such as porosity and underfilling, before casting. This helps us manufacture the mold in the best conditions in order to obtain the best mechanical qualities.

Our technical office is equipped with the most advanced graphic design and simulation programs, and is in permanent contact with the different departments such as production and commercial.