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Types of molding in aluminium casting


As I have explained in some text before, aluminium is a metal new in industry uses, and it has had a very fast incorporation at society.

There are a lot of reasons that I won’t debate here now, but it comes because there are a lot of methods of transformation and it offers many possibilities.

However, there is only one form to extract and obtain primary aluminium, and once we have this prime matter, its possibilities to transformation are multiple, something that advantage this metal in comparison with others.

In this text I’m going to enumerate the mains that I remember, and I wish to apologize to the reader if I forgot some of them.

I will start for these are near at us, aluminium casting.

Aluminium could be casted by different modalities.


sand molding

gravity die casting

Permanent mold UNDER PRESSURE

Permanent mold INJECTION 




I will speak a little more in next texts about this prime matter, also about its medicinal uses or as salt and its importance to our organisms.

I wish that you will continue reading me in this serial digressions that I will expose for you about this metal that campaigns me all my life.

Jon Junquera