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The tracing of aluminium casting parts


One of the tools on which metrological supported Cofundi, aluminium casting, parts to ensure that comply with the dimensional requirements of the customer is using a gage in height to trace pieces that are machined.

1. What is the tracing of aluminum parts

The measurement of aluminium parts by tracing is used to leave marked the dimensional references to be followed by machining. It serves to anticipate the final result and detect deformations or areas that do not have enough material to be machined. Marked strokes those are always parallel to each other at each XY, XZ, YZ plane.


2. Which steps are carried out for tracing of aluminium parts

It is essential that the surface where you place the part be perfectly flat and without roughness. It must be an area larger than the projection of the part to allow us to slide the gage in height around it.

Once placed the piece is supported by three points adjustable in height to manage parallelisms to our part respect to the surface. With this step completed we look for a reference 0 to start the parallel heights. With the traces marked we can value the modification of the part inclination to ensure that all machined areas have well distributed the material.

Finished this process we can proceed to change the piece of plan to trace the rest of faces. To this end, and with the intention to preserve the planes perpendicular to each other, we use the previous traces to adapt the inclination in other positions. The three planes traced we can translate to the customer the certainty that following the references indicated they will have a ready part to be machined.


3. Which projects are done with the tracing of aluminium parts

Cofundi, aluminium casting, use this method to control shipments of projects like Volute to ensure deformations or Pizarro project, in which a comprehensive tracing is made to the whole.


4. Which tools are needed to carry out tracing of aluminium parts

To make this work requires three tools:

-the adjustable supports of various sizes

-a square

-a gage in height with interchangeable points that allow us to access zones with different requirements.



Depending on the project you have in hand, Cofundi considers the tracing of parts is key to avoiding future problems when machining parts, as it gives an accurate reflection of what will happen to the work piece.

Joseba Comonte