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Approval process


In Cofundi, for the homologation of the project, a series of checks are carried out, which indicate us if the parts of those projects really comply with the requirements set by each client, such as for example, the control of the tools (large plaque or small, metal molds, motes and core boxes), destructive piece testing, fluoroscopy machine PHILIPS MG-161 (depending on the size of the piece) and dimensional control.

Here we will discuss exhaustively what constitutes such controls.


Tooling control

In this case Cofundi contacts with modelers and machining companies with extensive experience with which we carry a number of years working and so we offer us a guarantee.

Control of the tooling is based on analyzing if the models to realize comply with a number of factors to ensure both the dimension as the health of the piece.

These factors are primarily fulfilling the rough part marked by the customer, then we ensure that the output contains the corresponding angles for easy demolding, avoiding grips, damage to the work piece, and last but no less important a check exhaustive the supply, because if we do not generate the proper pressure (height of the sprue, runners, sizes attacks, supply canal) we would find faults of filling in filling circuit.

Destructive piece testing

Once you cast a first part, we realize some cuts in different areas, for a first visual control of the health of it. In this way we can get an idea of the level of porosity in it.

To ensure more even the sanitation we spent the next point.

MG-161 PHILIPS fluoroscopy machine

Once the destructive test indicated previously done, every part of the cut piece is inserted into the machine to determine quality.

This is a machine in which Rx can detect various defects in parts as blowholes, sink marks, porosity level, cold joints, cracks, etc.

Dimensional checking

The last step is a detailed dimensional control of the rough part.

In our installations we have an articulated arm measuring and complete equipment tracing to verify that the parts are dimensionally correct.

Once all these steps are done and check that the process conforms to the requirements assigned by each client, Cofundi will contact with them marking them always the parameters.

If the client approves the applied process, we will start serial production.

Joseba Comonte