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Cofundi, is a young aluminium casting by gravity founded in 1995 that combines a modern production equipment and highly qualified professionals, which is quite important in this sector.

Our technologies aure: permanent molding and sand casting.

COFUNDI - Aluminium Casting


It is called like this in aluminium casting because all the parts are made in the same metal mold, which is made of iron or steel. As it can be seen in movies made, it consists of filling the mold with aluminium, momentary cooling, extraction, and repeating the process.

These permanent moulds are assembled in hydraulic machines that help the worker to move the different parts of the tooling and extract the part alter melting.

It is recommended for long batches, among 300 and 15.000 parts per month, and weight from 0,05 and 35 Kg.


In this case the mold is of sand. For manual system sand in aluminium casting, chemical sand is used, a mixture of sand with chemicals components, and with this, we perform complex parts.

Chemical manual moulding process creates sand moulds, which are hardened through chemical products. These moulds are used only once, because they are destroyed when extracting the part after melting.

It's recommended for short series, defined in function of the part's specification, with weight from 1 and 2.500 Kg.


In the carousel of aluminium casting, it is also used sand, but in this case is green sand. The moulding is performed through sand molds that are semiautomatically generated.

Carousel moulding process creates one sand mould per each part, getting hardness though dampened bentonite clay. This way, the desand of the part can be done easily with mechanical vibrations, so the process can be automated.

The whole sand characteristics are controlled with an higrometer from a control panel.

INSTALLATIONS - Aluminium Casting

Permanent moulding – aluminium casting

Cofundi, aluminium casting, has in its permanent mould section:

  • 5 Electric furnaces with a capacity of 250-500 kg.
  • 3 Gas-fired furnace up to 1.200 kg.
  • 8 Horizontal shell mould machines.
  • 5 Vertical shell mould machines.
  • 3 Three-axled shell mould machines.


Chemical Manual Moulding – aluminium casting

Cofundi, aluminium casting, owns a chemical moulding installation composed of:

  • Primary and secondary sand reclaim with a capacity of 5 Tn/ h.
  • Pneumatic transport to 40 Tn containers.
  • Sand core maker machine.
  • Continue last generation mixer for 7 + 20 Tn per tour.


Carousel of Green Sand Moulding – aluminium casting

Cofundi, aluminium casting, has a modern carousel of moulding with a daily capacity of 750 cases. The boxes sizes are of:

  • 450 x 500
  • 600 x 950


For the melting of the aluminium, in sand section, there are 4 gas-fired furnaces (1 800-kg, 2 600-kg and 1 300-kg) y another rolling electric furnace of 300 kg.

Other facilities – aluminium casting

Cofundi, aluminium casting, has in addition other installations:

  • 3 Automatic polishers.
  • 2 Cabinets for manual polishing.
  • 1 Horizontal, 1 vertical and 1 rotatory blasting machines.
  • 1 Packaging machine.
  • 1 Robot for deburring operations for parts up to 90 kgs.
  • Fully automated heat treatment furnace, with 2 furnace, tempering plus aging for aluminium casting.
  • Xray digital inspection machine for aluminium casting.

QUALITY – Aluminium Casting

Moreover, there is a department responsible for ensuring quality and quality control both during the production process in aluminium casting and in the parts already completed.

There is an independent department which responsibilities are guaranteeing and assure quality during production process.


Controls on the production process of aluminium casting

  • Raw material checking
  • Melting temperature record
  • Moulding sans assays: humidity, compaction, calcinations lost, active clay
  • Customer requirements fullfit with internal technical sheet and control plans
  • Expedition final checking for aluminium casting parts
  • 3D measure with 7-axis electronic arm


Controls on castings of aluminium casting

  • Tensil test of specimen or final parts
  • Xray digital radiography
  • Dye liquids tests
  • Chemical composition with digital spectrometer
  • Scan of prototype and comparison with customer machining 3D


Our aluminium casting has the certifications generics of aluminium casting to do all the quality controls we do, like the ISO 9001:2015

TECHNICAL OFFICE – Aluminium Casting

Furthermore, Cofundi, aluminium casting, account with dedicated R & D professionals and the Technical Office

Having a Technical Department and R & D in company streamlines the work and prevents lost of information as no external modellers involved in the process.

Cofundi, aluminium casting, under customer requirement, will quote some parts, according to information available from customer.

Once agreed, our human team of aluminium casting starts working in the design and creation of moulds and tools, with the external collaboration of mechanic workshops. If complexity of the project is high, we can simulate aluminium melting process with a modern simulation tool for aluminium casting. Finally, we give customer some prototypes to be homologated.

Our technical department in aluminium casting has latest Graphic Design software and is always in contact with production people. This team gives solution to problems or issues of our customers, whose staff do not have technical experts, specialized in the casting or toolings design for aluminium casting.

Cofundi can offer a complet process like aluminium casting to our customers, because we do the work since the begin at the end. It means that we can do it quickly, because we don’t have to looking for other companies to subcontract.

Sectors of Aluminium casting

Cofundi is an aluminium casting by gravity that works with two methods, cast by sand (with an automatized carousel and manually) and by permanent mold (also automatized system). We have also a finition plant, where we can do deburring, shot blasting, and we have a heat treatment centre in our installations. In another, we have also our own technical office, where we do casting simulations with the software Quikcast, and also the design in 3D, with Solidworks.

Last videos of aluminium casting

In this section we show the latest videos we have prepared, which you can find all kinds of information on aluminium casting, by gravity. We present our methodology, our know-how, and some of the products that we have made.

These videos are grouped into sections. We show you our molding process, and the finishing parts, in which Cofundi, aluminium casting, has its technology, an automated deburring ABB robot, or a specific heat treatment center for aluminium casting.

In addition you can learn our technical office, the molds and tools workshop that we work with and is located a few minutes from our aluminium casting.

Process of production of Aluminium Casting

1.- Offer and Agreement of aluminium casting
2.- Desing and Constrution of tools of aluminium casting
3.- Production of aluminium casting
4.- Cut and Deburring to aluminium casting
5.- Heat Threatment of aluminium casting
6.- Shotblasting of aluminium casting
7.- Quality Test of aluminium casting
Life stages of an aluminium casting part
8.- Machining of aluminium casting
1.- Offer and Agreement of aluminium casting
In Cofundi we are very fast giving a quotation since we receive the petition. Keeping us at customer disposal for every question or need, and trying to offer the most competitive service of the market.
2.- Design and construction of tooling of aluminium casting
The design and construction of the equipment, either metal or resin, is made in Cume, a partner company to our group and located just a few minutes from Cofundi, having full confidence and two-way communication. They are professionals who have spent many years dedicated to this sector, and with higher quality materials perform these.
3.- Production of aluminium casting
The production of aluminium parts in Cofundi can be done through several methods: permanent molding (metallic mold) or by sand (green sand molding → carousel molding; sand chemical → hand molding). Our objective is the maximum customer satisfaction, and therefore we put our resources and capabilities at the disposal to get the best result.
4.- Cut and Deburring of aluminium casting
After the production, it is necessary that the part be polished to work it, cutting the feed channels and the sprues, and removing any excess of material. And then applying a deburring process, in which the surface of the product obtained by gravity aluminium casting, is refined.
5.- Heat treatment of aluminium casting
In our finishing plant are located heat treatment installations, which is one of the most appreciated finished cast aluminium because it allows to magnify the mechanical properties of an aluminium part through a temperature shock, which becomes a very important property for some sectors.
6.- Shotblasting of aluminium casting
Cofundi is characterized by a complete finishing plant, offering every type of solution. Among other facilities are located various shotblasters, both horizontally and vertically. Is not only important the internal structure of cast aluminium parts, but it is also necessary to take care of their appearance.
7.- Quality control of aluminium casting
Our quality department has all kinds of instruments to offer our customers from the aluminum casting, a total guarantee of the product they are buying, besides delivering reports. As verification of the quality supplied, Cofundi has ISO 9001: 2008, DNV and GL.
8.- Machining of aluminium casting
Cofundi can offer to its customers, as an aluminium casting complement, the machining of aluminium parts. This one is one of the finishing processes. For that, we have different machines, in which there are some machining centres, milling machine, grinding machine, etc..and this let us offer a complete finishing.

Team of aluminium casting



  • Jorge Peral

    Jorge Peral

  • Vanessa Marqués

    Vanessa Marqués

    Marketing & Exports


  • Bikendi González-Calidad fundición de aluminio

    Bikendi González

    Quality manager


  • Joseba Comonte

    Joseba Comonte

    Production Manager

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Cofundi - Aluminium Casting

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Cofundi is a young aluminium casting by gravity created in 1995, that conjugate moderns equipments of production with experimented professionals, something necessary in this sector.

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Ctra. Plencia 9-11, Bº Billela
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+34 94 615 52 64