Ctra. Plencia 9-11, Bº Billela Mungia

Conference on aluminum casting by gravity

As we had already shown in a previous post, Cofundi shares his know-how, not only through our Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/CofundiFundicionfonderie, but also through lectures taught by Jon Junquera, thanks to his years of experience in this sector.

In this second conference, the central theme was the casting of aluminium, in its different versions (die casting, low pressure, forged, gravity, etc.), but mainly by gravity, which is the main activity of Cofundi, the aluminium casting by gravity.

In this exhibition we have explained the most common aluminum smelting defects (porosity, refills, lack of filling, etc.), showing parts where each defect could be visually seen and examined, allowing a better understanding of the contents.