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The return of orcs

I was always curious how the saga of the Lord of the Rings elves lived in grand palaces with stunning gardens and waterfalls of crystal clean water, its flow was slow and harmonious, everything around sweating poetry and musicality.


The beauty of its inhabitants was bright and serene, almost harmful to eyes too bright. Instead repelled the orcs in black and stinking caves oozing sweat and moisture, dirty and sweaty grotesque beings toiled in hard work. Extracted minerals refine it and melted the forged, built swords, mesh bibs, helmets, axes, bows and arrows. Designing curious machines to increase production and transformed landscapes in dark green forests, waterfalls retained to harness the water and turn it into energy for industry. The people in the theater did not trouble is, the elves were his favorite, nobody wanted to be an orc, girls sighed film whenever elves appeared pale and whitish look, if an elf was wounded 1,000 red roses came from his wound instead wound orcs black liquid oozed pus, however as I am an industrial smelter to be exact, I sympathize with the orcs.

Who had built all those wonderful cities of the elves? They do not, because I have not seen an elf never Curran and less sweat.

Who then had done all those wonders surrounding elves? Who had built palaces, gardens and swords? Who gave this great life to the elves?

I’ll tell you: the orcs, and these in gratitude were removed en masse when their only crime was wanting to go out of their caves and claim the job done, but as they had done the work and are not needed in the end they were destroyed and all world was happy at least until you need them again.

Something similar is happening in Spain for the past 20 years and more markedly since the introduction of the euro. The Spanish industry has been wiped out mercilessly by dirty, insidious and annoying. You are not competitive; they told us while we were sent to the slaughter of competition with countries that did not play by the same rules.

Spain has become a country of services, while politicians shouted a mass of ignorant rubes applauded enthusiastically. No need industrial goods, and so bring outside our house shouting Spot You no green much to the amusement of the masses.

And the shadow of the almighty euro was so long. And Spain soon became a country of great public works sumptuous beaches where people in a fun and friendly manner bathed, infinite palaces where people dwell carefree built.

They won the battle elves and orcs we lost.

But time passed, and as nothing is eternal, those sumptuous palaces and estates, those great public works, and into the kitchen of my sister, has deteriorated. Electrical substations, water treatment plants, tractors, combines and trucks, all based on non-renewal is becoming old.

So I suspect that they will soon need to return the orcs. Already beginning to hear voices of politicians say, “We must return to the productive economy.”

Liberals scream furious: “This country (dare not say Spain) needs entrepreneurs (dare not say entrepreneurs).”

And what will we do the few orcs we are?  As usual: work hard, we multiply out of the bowels of the earth and ugly and smelly sweaty again will draw up the pieces to the elves.

But what if for once we unite in the shadow of a powerful leader, and if for once we decided that only we will send what we build, we also want to inhabit the palaces we raise, although ugly and unpleasant also have the right to be recognized, not just used.

That day, that day …… tremble men of Middle Earth, Sauron’s hordes are back and this time will be our middle earth, ha ha ha ha ha.

Jon E. Junquera