Ctra. Plencia 9-11, Bº Billela Mungia

Not only do we supply raw aluminum pieces, but we also offer a high quality machining service for your casts.

Our workshop leaves the components ready and ready to install or assemble.

As for you, this means a further reduction of time and financial expenses. You don´t have to deal with administration and logistics of further processing.

Having our own machining workshop allows us to:

  • reduce interfaces between casting and processing
  • react faster
  • control the processing of the part
  • optimize machining

We have about 13 machines and devices  in our machining workshop. Among them zou can find:

  • 7 machines of different sizes equipped with 2 and 4 axes, palletized horizontally and vertically, with double pallets and measuring head for internal measurements,
  • 1 Hyundai-kia CNC turning machine SKT15 350×410
  • 1 leakage test machine (measurement up to 15BAR)
  • 1 Beacon arm (max. error 60 microns)

For further information about our machining facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.