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Cores logistic


The transport of the cores is a complicated issue that from COFUNDI it is take the maximum attention. Cores not only have to be done correctly and have an aspect and structure required, but there is also important their transport and positioning in the packaging. Then let’s break down the various aspects that can influence the males received correctly.


In COFUNDI we give the utmost importance to this issue, using the most times systems designed specifically for the proper protection of these. We use foams adapted to boxes and pallets as a base for placing them and cardboard separators for the separation between floors.

In cases where the weight of the male is excessive and can not ensure the correct quality and reception, shelves are used where males are placed. In some cases the shipment is done on special shelves in which besides they are protected, they are placed according some standards prepared ad hoc. In the foam is drawn and stamped the form and figure favoring the order and cores are visualized easily to see if there is a missing.

Cores transport

Transport of cores is also a vital part of the logistics of consumables casting. In the designing the collection route there are aspects that perhaps seem inconsequential, but that really affect quality.
It is always advisable to avoid urban areas, because there are usually excess of bumps and cobblestone areas that cause jumps and somersaults in cargo which is subsequently involve breakage and friction between cores, making them unusable. It is also preferable to use expressways and motorways that ensure a strong asphalt and proper condition.
It is also important to define the path of the carrier, so that it is always the core provider the last collection point. In this way it is avoided the transition from the cores for industrial areas, which sometimes have bad breaks or paved roads on the firm avoided.

Cores storage

All of the above is, of course, be extrapolated to cores end storage on site. Avoiding whenever possible to transport them between locations is at least possible abrupt. The management of Fenwick or pallet must be done with smooth movements and very gently. So that, all the work has been done to protect them, not left upset by this last step. It should be treated that the storage area is as close to the foundry where they are to be used. Likewise it is important that this area is not exposed to moisture, since one of the worst enemies of the cores is moisture, do not forget that they are cores of sand.

Final note.

If we take care of these aspects in detail, will ensure that the part casted has the desired quality and finishes. So we should have an impact not only in manufacturing but also in cores packaging, transport and storage.

Marta Muñoz